The wholefood complements

My favorite wholefood complements

We often forget the benefits of food supplements. Unfortunately, between those stuffed with chemicals and those whose consistency we just don’t know, then it becomes difficult to really know what is good for us and what is not.

However, the goal of food supplements is to maintain good health. They even sometimes have a preventive interest for diseases, as shown by various scientific studies.

But me, I will tell you about the food supplements that have changed my life. Real healthy supplements, of which I know the composition. They are not only food complements, they are wholefood complements full of nutrients.

If you know me, you know I don’t buy and take synthetic vitamins or supplements synthesized made in the labs. But now, I’ve found something natural, good for my body. And these ones are not supplement, there are what I should eat everyday to have optimal bodily functions and health.

Vitamins are made in labs, these ones are grown from the soil, fruits, berries and veggies dehydrated at a low temp with all the phytonutrients and goodness left to be absorbed into our bodies! The benefits from more variety of these powerful sources of food, can literally change your life. Even if you’re already eating the recommended amount of veg and fruits per day.

Research is proving that people need actually more than 5 fruits and veg per day. Yeah actually we need 7 to 13. It’s allo proved that nowadays, fruits and veg have less nutrients than in the Middle Age. The fault is the humans who have altered the fruits and vegetables over time. With pesticides, GMOs, intensive cultivation …etc. Veg and fruits don’t give us as much nutrients as they did in the past.

However, less than 4% of the population actually consume this amount everyday (included me, because of a lack of time and budget).

So these wholefood complements are the secret weapons to bridge the gap. Now, I’m sure to give my body exactly what it needs and I invest in myself and in my own health.

How they look like: so colorful and natural!
There are only fruits, veggies and berries inside! NOTHING else 🙂

What they help for?

The veggies and fruits ones are gonna help you to:

-increase your energy

-sleep better

-improve your digestion

-improve your healthy globally

-make your immune system stronger

-they are a natural weight loss (if combined with a healthy lifestyle with a good alimentation and exercise)

-they are a peace of mind for your kids getting loads of vegs and fruits

-they also improve athletic performance and recovery

Then the berries helps to:

-reduce the skin inflammation

-reduce cravings

-help balances hormones

-strenghtens hair and nail health

-improve cellular elasticity and healing

-reduces cravings

-also improve energy and immune system

As you can see, these natural supplements contain more than 30 nutrients on their own. Better than supplements coming out of the labs, they send your body everything it simply needs! They help so much and they are so complete. I can only recommend them with my eyes closed.

This not only fruits, veggies and berries, it’s also omegas and vegan powders

This amazing brand also offers omegas, still natural, as well as vegan chocolate and vanilla powders.

This is just about natural omegas: 3,6,9,7 and 5

We don’t think enough about the omegas, but these nutrients are excellent for our health!

Our body can’t naturally produce omega, so it’s important to consume it because we often lack omegas.

Here is the for what these ones are helping and their contenance:

I really encourage you to give omegas to your body, as they are sooo good for you, especially for your nervous system, eyes health but also for sport!!!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want any information about omegas so I can tell you more about.

The magiiiiiic vegan powders!!

The chocolate one

These two powders (you can get the chocolate one, the vanilla one or both), are so yummy and excellent for : increasing your energy, help you to eliminate toxins, reduces oxidative stress, improves athletic performances and recovery, manages blood sugar levels, assists in weight loss, decreases the cravings.

Plus, they are perfect as a breakfast on the run, a mid day snack or to bust those post dinner munchies, it’s great to replace sweets, savory foods or fast food habits that don’t serve you.

Then, they nourish the body with natural medicinal food ingredients that help with inflammation, assists with absorption of important phytonutrients such as iron.

Finally, they are also suitable and safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers :).

What you can find inside, amazing nutrients including proteins for sport
Also you’ve got the vanilla one, so yummmmmyyyy

I can only recommend all these supplements that will provide you all the nutrients your body needs. From an increase in your energy and your immune system, to reducing your cravings for snacking these wholefood supplements will only bring you positive things. They’ll cleanse and purify your body, literally nourish it and heal it.

The wonderful Healthystyle Emporium program

But that’s not all… by purchasing one of these products you’ll get access to a full program 100% free. In this wonderful program named The Healthystyle Emporium Program, you’ll get access to coaching, webinars, lives, videos, ressources. But also to complete wellness, sport, nutrition and spirituality programs, all given by professional wellness coaches. I also really love the spirituality ressources it offers us, like the yoga, moon-tracking, and meditation ones.

I’m totally a fan of everything the HSE program has to offer, it has literally changed my life. He’s so diverse, so complete, and he has a real community with such inspiring women. I only can recommend it and some of its sport program is estimated at a value of more than 1500$ normal, but you can get it for free by buying one of the products! (And not necessarily the most expensive one). It’s a program which is all about taking care of your body and your mental health. So I can only recommend it, it’s totally in agreement with my values, you won’t regret it!!!

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me on the form, on my Instagram account camille.drv or by email at, I’ll give you additional information with pleasure !! 🙂