My favorite personal development books

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Here is a list of some wonderful personal development books that have inspired me so much!! There are positive, kind, and useful books that helped me so much. I haven’t mentioned all of them as there are some that I haven’t finished to read or because I’m waiting for my next big order of books ;).

A book about reflexion: The Alchimist- Paulo Coelho

How can I tell you that this novel simply transformed me, and deeply marked me! It was the first personal development book I read when I was in France (it is of course also available in French, it has been translated into 81 languages). It’s all about travel, personal legend, quest for happiness, adventure, hope, spirituality. It is for me an essential that can appeal to many people. Easy to read, not very long, I recommend it as a first book if you already want to open up a bit to personal development. It’s a novel, so there are no personal development theories in it, but the author’s messages are clear. I recommend it at 200%!

A book about action: Feel the fear and do it anyway- Susan Jeffers

I liked about this book so muuuch !! He was so able to help me and move me forward in a period of my life when I doubted about my abilities. A period when I was afraid to undertake my projects. He really inspired me, helping me to find the courage, the confidence and the motivation to face my fears and to go on my projects. The Talented writer Susan Jeffers inspires us to learn to overcome the situations that seem most complicated to us. It encourages us to take action by detaching ourselves from our fears as well as from the eyes of others. I love her way of writing which makes us feel close to her. This book is so far the one that most encouraged me to make my dreams come true.

A book about hope: Every thing is fucked- Mark Manson

Haaaaa Mark Manson! We like him or we don’t, personally I love it! I really like his way of writing so directly and full of irony. His book is about how the world has never been as advanced as it is today, but paradoxically the population has never been so sad. I won’t tell you more, but if you want to be positive about your life, I invite you to read this hopeful book that goes off the beaten track.

How to learn to let it go: The subtle art of not giving a fuck- Mark Manson

Another book by Mark Manson! I discovered this one in Australia, it’s the first one I read from this author. It helps us learn to relativize our problems, to let go, without underestimating what we really need to worry about. This book helped me to put things into perspective. Some things that I used to worry about, while focusing on what was really important. I also strongly recommend it. It could make you aware of a lot of things that we forget too often!

How to enjoy the present moment: The Power of Now, a guide to spiritual enlightenment- Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now is also available in French. It’s a book that also helped me a lot. He talks about how to enjoy the present moment in a state of mindfulness, and stop living in the past or the future. This book is very useful for people who used to think too much about the past or the future.

A book about slowing down and being happy: The Happiness Project- Gretchen Rubin

This is the FIRST self-help book I discovered in Australia, so just talking about it makes me emotional. It’s also available in French under the name “Operation Happiness”. This enriching and humorous book deals with the fact that today, many of us are overwhelmed with our lives. We dont’ take the time to live and recharge our batteries. In this positive psychology book, Gretchen gives us lots of good advice and tips in order to find serenity and happiness. I loved this book so much that I’m thinking of buying it this time (I borrowed it in Australia), and read it a second time!

A book about a good routine: The Power of Habit- Charles Duhigg

I’d qualify this book of Charles Duhigg by simply amazing, and so true! We don’t think about it enough, but what makes us brush our teeth every day? (Apart the hygiene, that goes without saying), it’s the habit! So why not create new ones that are good and healthy for us? The book talks about creating a virtuous circle to adopt new habits. So after this book, believe me, you’ll finally get to do your three workouts a week, drink more water or write X number of pages every day for your article!

Others inspirational books are coming into my list…

Indeed, now that I read almost only personal development, I will add soon other books that will mark me as much as those mentioned in this list;).