Listen to your body

photo of woman looking at the mirror

Our body is the envelope of our soul and our emotions. He is the one who will be there with us, for our whole life, who will follow us in our best and worst times. And since we only have one life, we have only one body. It’s up to us to take care of it, we have the cards in hand for that. And the first card to draw is to … listen to us.

Get to know your needs

I’m gonna tell you about my personal case. And how I was before. Just a year ago, as a self-respecting business school student, I was drinking a lot. In the same evening, like a lot of people, I could very well drink two different cocktails, two beers and a glass of white wine. It was good, it was funny. But I often found myself ill the next day, you know: migraine, stomach ache, swollen belly. Not to mention the great fatigue that follows and morale sometimes a little gray (because physical ill-being = bad mood). Before starting again the next day or the weekend after.

Who says evenings often says aperitif before. All the friends bring back the crisps, and other very fatty nonsense. And with alcohol, I am especially not talking about the sugar contained in the thinners! I’m not also talking about the “tacos”, “pizzas”, “burgers”, “tortillas”, “raclette” evenings that I did regularly. Or of all the times when lazily, “lack of time (the excuse)”, I ate ready-made meals. Or where I cooked heavy meals with a lot of sauce and lacked vegetables. I was often tired, I almost never felt in good shape, I had major digestion problems, my stomach was often swollen …

Then one day, I made the decision to listen to myself. To listen to my body. To listen to it when it says “stop” for alcohol. When it asks me for more water. When it calls for good nutrients like fruits or vegetables. When my body is tired and asks me to rest.

Today, I have changed the way I eat. I force myself to eat fruits and vegetables every day. I stopped the cow’s milk that I could no longer digest as well as the meat. I force myself to drink a lot of water. I stop drinking when I feel bad. I cook 95% of the time. I vary my meals, and I eat my fill. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel any frustration or feeling of deprivation, I don’t even force myself to eat so many fruits and vegetables, and above all I don’t deprive myself! I always indulge myself from time to time, pizzas, ice creams, fries, I’m still drinking on occasion.

In fact, I just respect my body by feeding it with what it needs. And it changed my life. I fall ill three times less often than before, I feel healthier overall, I no longer have digestion concerns and my stomach is less swollen. But also, I mainly started to adopt these natural food supplements in my daily life. And they’ve literally changed my life, let me explain you why.

So why listening to our body…

-We have only one life and one body: let’s pamper it, respect it. Taking care of yourself and your body depends in large part on food. If we don’t take care of ourselves then we can’t love ourselves the way we should.

-It erases our guilt: who has never blamed himself for having drunk so much at this evening? Or to have nibbled so many cakes when we weren’t really hungry? Making the right choices to eat when you are really hungry and not when you are eating in relation to your emotions is important.

-Listening to yourself is essential because it also allows us to detect the negative signals that our body gives us. And it can help us not to get sick.

-Listening to yourself will help you to make the right decisions for you. It’s not about eating only spinach at every meal, and even less about depriving yourself. But only to listen to your needs, to feed your body with holy foods, with the right nutrients. Know your limits, identify them, and act upon them. You will quickly feel the positive effects on you, and seeing all of the health benefits will inspire you to continue down this path. You will then quickly realize the value of continuing by creating new good habits.