How to love yourself?

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The importance of self-love

With self-knowledge comes self-love. Loving yourself is essential. To love yourself is to accept yourself, to esteem yourself, to cherish yourself. Remember that you are that person who will live with all your life, with your minds, your emotions, and this body that will carry you. So it is essential that you are the person you love the most in this world!

We cannot love ourselves if we demean ourselves, if we don’t respect ourselves. If we say “yes” when our heart says “no”, if we focus on the eyes of others.

So it’s high time to start loving yourself. You won’t be able to fully love others and be loved as you should if you don’t love yourself first.

So how do you learn to love yourself? There is no magic recipe again, only tools to adopt as well as awareness.

Accept yourself to love yourself

Before you can love yourself, you must first accept yourself. Accepting ourself in order to assume oneself, to assert oneself. We all have flaws, things we don’t like about us, regrets. We must realize that we are all different, and no one is perfect in this world. It’s up to us to learn to love what we consider to be faulty, and to put forward all our strengths.

Self-acceptance is essential. Accept what cannot be changed. Highlight your assets, your qualities, your skills! We all have assets that other people would love to have, and vice versa. A person will envy the ability of his office colleague to keep his cool in any situation, while the latter dreams of handling numbers as easily as the former. It’s all about point of view. It’s often more difficult to perceive our own qualities in ourselves than in others. Because humans naturally tend to see the negative, rather than the positive. It’s up to you to change the situation;).

How loving ourself?

To love yourself is to accept that you aren’t perfect, is to stop comparing or copying yourself with others, but to be inspired by those you admire. It’s also succeeding in accepting criticism (when they are constructive), knowing how to say “no”, to give compliments, to congratulate oneself, to forgive oneself … Finally, it’s also to get into action while setting oneself achievable goals in order to achieve our dream.