Why gratitude is important?

feeling gratitude

Why gratitude is important?

We don’t give it enough thought, but practice gratitude is very important. I have been doing this for a couple of months now. And the effects have been very positive!

What is gratitude?

Gratitude is feeling thankful for what we already have. It means being focused on what we already get, to feel joy, satisfaction… Practice gratitude is one thing, but feeling it is much more important!

Feeling what you are fortunate to have. Feeling it deeply. With all your heart.

The power of gratitude

I have experienced many benefits since practicing gratitude. Firstly, in my mind. But let’s not forget that mind and body are always interconnected. Mental health is related to physical health!


Gratitude makes us feel more positive

When we feel grateful, our positive emotions immediately increase. So feeling gratitude makes us more positive in life, and therefore it improves our mood, and consequently our happiness. Everything is connected!

For example, immediately think of five things for which you are grateful today, right now. Think deeply.

For example, here’s what it’s like for me:

-I am thankful to be healthy, some people in the world don’t have that chance
-I am glad to have found my passion, my path, and be working in this field
-I am thankful for the chance to live in Malta and do what I love
-I am grateful to have traveled so much at the age of 24, to continue to travel, and to plan future trips
-I’m happy to have true friends I can count on!

So, your turn now! How does it feel? Great na?

I would like you to write down the reasons why you feel grateful today. Please share your comments with me! I will be happy to read yours!

Gratitude decreases stress

We gain a deeper sense of appreciation for what we already have, cause we feel positive emotions. We learn not to stress over things we don’t need to stress about. Indeed, we learn to appreciate things more when we become aware of their worth.

Makes us less envious and so it even helps to save money!

When we truly appreciate what we already have, we are aware of its value. Knowing how lucky we are makes us less envious of others. We’ve become less interested in buying new things, so we’ve spent less! But look:

  • Perhaps you envy your office colleague’s new watch when he envies your daily good mood and your good health.
  • Perhaps you envy the financial status of your neighbor, while he envies your social relations and character.
  • Perhaps you envy your sister’s love life when she wishes she had the courage to travel like you do!

 Gratitude makes us more generous

Here’s my personal case. Three years ago, I volunteered in a Peruvian school. I saw what poverty was like while volunteering at a school located in the slum in the city for three months.

I remember being grateful for what I had in my life compared to the locals. Yes, it’s sad to have to face this kind of situation to feel so much gratitude!

I remember feeling privileged to have running hot water and electricity in my house in France. I was thankful to always have enough to eat, to have a balanced diet, and to always have everything close at hand. I remember being generous towards the population, more generous than I was in France.

Because feeling grateful and lucky tends to reduce enviousness, to make us want to possess fewer possessions, to consume fewer, and therefore to be more generous.

Giving is important, and not just in material terms. I’m not waiting to volunteer, I’m doing it now!

Gratitude improves our relationships with others

Here, everything is still connected, but if you feel happier with yourself then you will feel happier with others. Feeling happier, more grateful, more positive improves our relationships with others.

Gratitude makes us becoming more resilient

I am more resilient to the negative things life throws at me now. What does that means?

For example:

Your phone will break tomorrow. I agree, this is very annoying, yes. But it’s just material. No one has died. You still have a roof over your head. And a lot of beautiful things, I’m sure of it!

So you put in perspective everything else you have. And feel grateful for them.

Who knows what else? You might even find some positive aspects in this situation. Maybe that phone wasn’t so good after all 😉

Improves our mental and physical health

Gratitude makes us more positive, stronger, happier.

If our mental health improves, let’s not forget that our physical health will also improve! And above all, consider the Law of Attraction… Positive attracts positive!

How to practice gratitude?

Gratitude can be practiced in many different ways, but it’s most important to feel it sincerely.

I have specially created a gratitude program for you to practice daily!

It includes lots of exercises you can do in five minutes from the comfort of your own home.

Please, you can just go up to this page or any page from my blog and download it for free, either in French or English 😉



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