Why you should be your first priority?

Why you should be your first priority?


I’ve already discussed the importance of taking time for yourself in my article “how to take care of myself”.

But in this one, I would like to tell you more about the importance of prioritizing yourself.

Why it’s often difficult to make us our priority?

As our lives become increasingly hectic, we are prone to put the needs of others before our own. If it’s the needs of our children, our partner, our siblings, friends, or even our work…
Too often, we forget to think about ourselves as well. When life is too busy, we miss out on our needs and end up compromising.

Sometimes we forget ourselves.
Sometimes we think we are selfish for making us a priority, but sometimes we are aware of it, but we fail to take time for ourselves and the frustration builds.

You can never be truly happy unless you put yourself first.

It may sound logical, but if you’re still wondering why you should prioritize yourself, here are some reasons why it’s important. The first of these reasons is: your precious health.

Your health is precious

It seems obvious, but I have personally realized that health is more precious than I ever thought. After experiencing a personal and painful event two months ago, I then understood the joy of being in top physical shape more than ever.

Feeling fit after a good workout. Not being out of breath on a hike. To eat healthily and have a healthy appetite. Physical happiness means mental happiness. Health isn’t just physical health. Mental health is important as well, if not even more so!

You will not get back ten hours of sleep if you assume the tasks of your entire family, not delegating.

Staying at work an extra hour every night will not help you go for a run and relax.

Eating sandwiches on the run at lunch won’t help you get a healthy diet.

Yes, make you a priority. Our health is our most precious treasure. I’ll talk about it in another article.

-Lack of sleep damages your immune system and leads to depression.

-Lack of exercise increases stress and will not help you get back into shape.

-A diet that is low in nutrients will also make you gain weight and make your body feel unfit.

To prevent these problems, take some time to relax. A healthy body and a healthy mind will improve not only your professional life but also your relationships with others.

Better relationships

Since I prioritized my health, I’ve also noticed changes in my relationships and work performance.

I eat better. I exercise. I take time to relax. I sleep more:

-I am in better shape,
-I stress less,
-I am happier and more positive,
-I am more productive in my work,

RESULT: I love myself more, and I glow!

I can feel it. With my friends, family, everyone! My relationships are getting better and better.

Good mood is contagious, trust me!

The more you make yourself a priority, the happier you will be. This will also be seen at work, in your results, but most importantly in your relationships with others. Everyone will feel happier when you prioritize yourself!

You will feel happier than ever

I am happier today than I have ever been!

By placing yourself at the top of the list, you’ll simply… be happy.

I do what I love right now. Outside of work, I always make time to enjoy the things I really love during the day.

Putting yourself first means doing what you love, what you are passionate about, and not trying to please everyone and listening to others.

Don’t spend your time trying to please other people and stand up for yourself.

Ways to make yourself a priority

Stop trying to please people

It’s your life, your choices, your tastes.

-Stop trying to please everyone. If you want a night alone when everyone is asking to see you (and you don’t? ), then tell them. No one will blame you.

-Your boyfriend likes to go to the movies, but you love to go to the theater, so make your dreams come true. He’ll probably be happy to discover something new with you.

-You’re extremely busy with your work, so people are criticising your absence from socializing. Think of yourself, it’s your projects that you create, and only you will benefit from the outcome. Let them know, and those who love you will understand and support you.

You want something so do it. It’s that easy. No guilt. It’ll make your life easier.

Make your own rules

My biggest problem has always been and is still sometimes work.

I’m a hard-worker, especially when it comes to working on my own projects. I’m passionate. If I listened to myself and lived alone, sometimes working from 8am to 9pm with a headache and not being out all day would make sense to me.

I have decided to give myself some rules: breaks. When I stop working, I can do what I like, like going out for a drink, exercising, or reading… whatever. Whatever I feel like doing at the time!

Create a schedule with limits that you don’t want to exceed and respect them.

It’s better to work six hours a day and be productive and have some free time, rather than nine hours without being productive and creating frustration because you won’t have much time for yourself afterwards.

Slow down

Quite simply… Slow down.

I’m beginning to realize that hard work in life isn’t the key to success. Hard work without a good mindset, with consistency, without a little downtime, with a little perspective, isn’t effective.

Slowing down helps you become more creative, think better, and even start again better.

Working hard isn’t cool. What’s the point of working hard if you can’t take time for yourself or the people you love? Then you don’t live.

I realize that working less but being consistent, relaxed, will lead to greater success than a job where you don’t get to live and get tired. If you rush without stopping, you’ll get tired, lose creativity, you’ll rush headlong, and you’ll no longer be efficient. Sometimes it leads to burnout, and you’ll lose more than if you had taken the time to slow down a bit.

Productivity with a positive mindset is more valuable than hard work with only stress and no reflexion.

So this were some tips from my own experience to help you make yourself a priority. Think of yourself, you’ll only get good for yourself…and others 😉

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