Why journaling is important?

Why journaling is important?

Writing was probably for me, along with reading, one of the best ways to get to know myself better and to grow!

Journaling benefits

Writing relieves sorrows and allows us to see the positive, to gain lightness, and to gain optimism. This helps to take a step back, to relieve stress, to relieve pain, is also helpful to achieve our goals.

Try to write. Buy yourself a notebook that will act as a diary, a life journal, or whatever you want to call it. Even ten minutes a day of writing will make a huge difference to your mental health!

This allows us to be more attentive to our emotions and welcome them. Whether it’s in the morning to start the day off right, and / or at the end of the day to look back and be proud of what you’ve accomplished today.

Expressive writing helps us become self-accepting, but also to fight negative thoughts that arise, as well as avoidance strategies: (these are actions we take to escape harmful stressors that only complicate matters).

Write to forgive yourself

For me, it was a great way to forgive myself, to let go of my regrets about the decisions I had made in my life and to find freedom, so I could focus on my dreams and turn them into projects.

Note taking on paper is an excellent way of evacuating and to better cope with hard, traumatic events. Indeed, writing allows you to confront your thoughts and emotions, to externalize them, and therefore to analyse them better.

But it’s not just about the past to jot down the past. Including the anxieties of the future in a journal can help you better understand it and even transform it into a positive thing in the future…

Write to reach your goals

No, it’s nothing magical! Clearly defining your goals and writing them down regularly is the first step to achieving them.

Write it down because writing it down psychologically makes us stick to it. It makes us take action ensuring that we achieve our goals by telling our brain what to do;). Test it yourself and you’ll see, personally, that writing it down worked for me!

It also allows you to be creative and surprise yourself with new ideas that you would not have thought of! 😉 Cause writing also increase creativity.

Finally, you’ll understand, writing has many benefits and can become a real therapy for you!


  1. judithvoyage says:

    C’est tellement important l’écriture tu as raison✍️ Je trouve d’ailleurs que je ne me pose pas assez pour écrire, je devrais !

    1. camilledrvn says:

      C’est vrai que c’est difficile de prendre le temps pour. Moi la première je vais parfois plus avoir tendance à scroller sur les médias sociaux qu’écrire. Et pourtant ça fait un bien incroyable et ça aide à se motiver aussi sur nos projets!!

  2. Waw good

    1. camilledrvn says:

      Thank you 🙂

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