Listen to your body

Listen to your body

listen to your body

Our body carries our soul and emotions. It is the one we will be with throughout life, in good times and bad ones.

It is our responsibility to take care of our bodies, and the first step is to… listen to our own bodies, since we only have one.

My lifestyle before

I’m going to tell you about how I was and how I lived in the past. I was a completely different person then.

Two years ago, like most business school students, I drunk quite a bit. On the same evening, I could drink two cocktails, two beers and a glass of white wine (hello mixing!).

The next day, I was back to being sick, you know: migraine, stomach ache, swollen belly. Not to mention tiredness and sometimes a bit of a gloomy mood that often accompanied it (such as when physical discomfort leads to a bad mood).

When it comes to food, I was often lazy or on time crunch, I ate ready-made, frozen meals. Or, when I prepared meals, the dishes were often a lot of sauce/cream and few vegetables. I was often tired, I felt bad, I had stomach problems…

Until the day I decided to listen to myself. And to CHANGE.

A healthier lifestyle

Today, I change the way I eat. I give myself to eat fruit and vegetables daily. I stopped cow’s milk that I could no longer digest as well as meat.

I drink a lot of water. I stop drinking when I feel bad. I cook 95% of the time. I vary my diet. I eat my fill.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel any frustration; I’m not even forced to eat as much fruit and vegetables, and most importantly, I don’t deprive myself!

I always indulge in pizzas, ice creams, fries, and I still drink on occasion. This is NOT about deprivation 🙂

In fact, I just feed my body what it needs. And it’s changed my life. I’m getting sick less frequently now, I feel healthier overall, and I no longer have digestive issues. My stomach is less swollen too.

But also, I basically started adopting these natural food supplements to my daily life, and they literally changed my life, let me tell you why in this article.

So why listening to your body?

– We have one life and one body: let’s take care of it, respect it. Taking care of yourself and your body depends in large part on food. If we do not take care of ourselves, then we cannot love ourselves the way we should.

-It erases our guilt: who has ever felt guilty for drinking so much this evening? Or for eating so many cakes when we weren’t really hungry? Making the right choices to eat when you are truly hungry and not when you are eating in response to your emotions is vital.

Listening to yourself is essential when it comes to recognizing negative signals from our bodies. And it can also help us avoid getting sick.

Listen to yourself in order to make the right decisions for you. It’s not about eating only spinach at every meal, or even less about depriving yourself. Listen, listen to what your body needs, and feed yourself the right nutrients. Know your limits, identify them, and act upon them.”

After you start experiencing the positive effects, you will want to continue down this path.

Afterward, you will see how worthwhile it is to cultivate new good habits 🙂


  1. judithvoyage says:

    Ce sujet est super intéressant et me parle beaucoup ! Mon père nous a toujours cuisiné des plats délicieux, avec de très bons produits, sains et équilibrés. Un réel plaisir 😍. Il a toujours voulu nous transmettre à quel point c’est important de bien manger et de cuisiner pour se sentir bien dans son corps et je le remercie grandement pour ça !!! 🙂

    1. camilledrvn says:

      C’est génial qu’il t’ai transmit tout ça! Et oui on se sent tellement bien quand on mange sainement. Un esprit sain dans un corps sain comme on dit haha!

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