How to take care of yourself?

The importance to take care of yourself

A lot of well-being is about taking care of yourself. I repeat myself, and this goes hand in hand with the article « how to learn to love yourself », but taking care of yourself is showing to your body that you love it, and it’s to esteem yourself.

Indeed, taking care of yourself is any activity that nourishes your body, your mind and your spirituality. Then, who says taking care of his body says taking care of his mental health!

How to take care of myself?

Taking care of yourself, but what does it really mean? Again, there are no rules. As long as you think about yourself. Good for your mind, your body.

Taking care of yourself starts with listening to your body and meeting its basic needs. This means good sleeping, a healthy and balanced diet, and a regular physical activity. It’s also about being positive and not feeling bad by stressing too much.

However, that is not enough. Think about your comfort and well-being. Taking care of yourself also means doing what you love, relax, achieve your own dreams, entertain, to pamper us. And it starts with taking time for yourself.

Find some free time for you

In our society where between work, transport, screens, personal or family obligations, we have less and less time, so it becomes more difficult to really take care of ourselves.

And yet, we should all devote at least an hour a day to ourselves, just for ourselves, at a minimum. It sounds simple said like that, and yet I know lots of women who find it very difficult. Between their professional life, their love life and their children, those women tend to forget themselves. If this sounds like you are not taking enough time for yourself, then now is the time to turn things around!

Taking care of yourself also involves simple actions: from a solo city trip to Milan, to a 3-hour hike near your home, to cycling, to offering yourself a massage session, to simply giving yourself an afternoon. Hot bath / beauty masks / Netflix / plaid!

Again, do whatever you want, as long as it feels good. Giving yourself time will allow you to recharge your batteries and reduce stress. I’m thinking here in particular of people overwhelmed with work and their family life.

I know it can be hard to find this precious time, but consider delegating. Exceptionally, ask your partner to pick up the children from school and bring them somewhere. If your children cannot be looked after, exceptionally call a baby sitter. But make time for yourself, just yourself.

Pamper yourself

Personally, I am a fan of homemade Sunday masks, on my face and my hair! Taking care of this skin that has given us and treating it with respect is more than essential. But it doesn’t just have beauty masks. Go to the hairdresser, do your nails, take a bubble bath, light scented candles, use essential oils …

Create a climate of relaxation and well-being in your home to feel your best. In fact, do whatever you want as long as you take care of yourself physically and psychologically.

Do what you want and what inspire you

However, it’s not just taking care of yourself physically that matters. Just as important is doing what you love. Do you like to dance? Sign you up for this Tuesday night salsa class! Do you like to read? Finally, take the time to bring out that old novel that you like so much stashed in your drawer. Let go of your screens. Dare things you want to do … draw, sing, dance, write, sculpt, paint, run, walk, whatever!

Just think about having hobbies, interests. Also be curious about trying new things. Not only will this do you good, but you may even have the opportunity to discover new things and make it a passion, even a business, who knows ?;)

Healthy body = good mindset

Finally, it’s essential to take care of yourself. What makes you feel good physically will do you good mentally, the two are closely related.

Avoid putting this assignment at the bottom of the list of points that deserve your attention and your time. Because taking care of yourself is essential, don’t forget it. 🙂


  1. Ouiiii😍 J’adooore prendre soin de moi ! Ça passe par me faire couler un bain avec des des bougies et de la musique zen, m’offrir un massage ou un nouveau vêtement que j’aime, prendre soin de mes cheveux, faire mes ongles, m’organiser un voyage, lire un bon livre…Tout ce que j’aime❤️ Et aussi savoir dire non. J’ai compris il y a peu que savoir dire non c’était aussi une manière de prendre soin de sa personne 🙂 Et comme ça fait du bien !

    1. camilledrvn says:

      Tellement d’accord avec tout ce que tu dis!! On ne doit jamais s’oublier, prendre soin de soi c’est précieux et essentiel pour notre santé mentale ❤️

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