How to love myself?


Knowing yourself leads to self-love. Loving yourself is essential. Loving yourself entails accepting yourself, esteeming and cherishing yourself. Always remember that you will live with that person all your life. You will live with your thoughts, your emotions, and this body that carries you. So it’s vital that you become the person you love the most.

If we do not respect ourselves, if we deny who we are, if we do not respect others, if we focus on what everyone thinks about us, then we cannot love ourselves.

So it’s high time you started loving yourself. You can’t love others fully and be loved as you should if you don’t love yourself first.

So, how do you learn to love yourself? There is no magic formula, only awareness and tools.


You must first accept yourself in order to love yourself. Accepting ourselves is imperative to asserting one’s self.

People have flaws, things they don’t like about themselves and regrets. We need to realize that we’re different from each other, and no one is perfect in this world. It’s up to us to love what we don’t like and to put forward our strengths.

Acceptance is key. Accept what cannot be altered. Make the most of your assets, your qualities, your skills. Everyone has something they would love to have, and vice versa.

Maybe, you can envy your colleague for earning more money than you, but he might be jealous since you have created a happy family and handled your career at the same time!

It’s all about perspective; it’s often harder to see our own qualities in ourselves than in others. Humans, by nature, tend to see the negative, rather than the positive. It’s up to you to make a difference.

How to love myself?

Love yourself means accepting that you aren’t perfect, not comparing or copying yourself to others, instead being inspired by those you admire.

It’s about accepting criticism and learning how to forgive yourself. Finally, it’s about getting into action while setting achievable goals to achieve our dream.

Small exercises to apply every day to love yourself more

Make a list of your qualities and talents

It may seem simple, but rephrase the usual phrase “what are your qualities and faults” to read: “my talents, skills, and qualities are…” Listing your strengths will enhance your wellbeing a lot and boost your self-confidence.

Write to yourself a self-love letter

Yes you read that right! Write yourself a love letter. Write whatever you want in it, as long as it feels good to you. It’s time to learn to love yourself and to tell others. Loving others is good, but not at the expense of knowing it yourself.

Accept your mistakes and be kind to yourself

We are often too hard on ourselves. Accepting our mistakes and learning from them means we can love ourselves more. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Turn your mistakes into lessons and experiences. Everyone makes mistakes.

Practice gratitude

Start paying attention to the good things you have in your life and feel grateful for them! By the way, I have written an article about gratitude that you can find interesting!

Celebrate your success

Create a list of accomplishments (even the small ones!). It could be this project you have finished quicker, this goal that you reached Today or this new performance you’ve done at sport! Remind yourself every day of how good you are!

Spend time alone doing what you enjoy

When you spend time with others, they can often occupy a lot of energy so it becomes harder to focus on yourself. However, when you spend some time alone, then you can listen to your own needs and honor them more. Self-respect starts with listening to what’s your mind or body asks!


  1. C’est très beau ce que tu écris 🙂 Je trouve que c’est encore un peu tabou de dire que l’on s’aime et que l’on s’apprécie…Mais c’est pourtant si important❤️

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      Haha c’est vrai que oui c’est “tabou” mais en rien prétentieux. C’est essentiel ❤️

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