How to know yourself?

Know yourself

How can you develop yourself if you don’t already know who you are?

To begin with, I want to get to know you. To know you as the person you are, with all of your qualities and faults, your strengths and weaknesses.

All those things that shape you into that person you can be proud of, such as your personality, emotions, values, opinions, dreams, aspirations, and ambitions.

And guess what? Personal development therefore begins with getting to know yourself.

How to learn to know yourself?

Travelling alone

To know yourself, you must already become refocused on your inner self. Sitting alone with yourself and your emotions, feelings will be the first step towards real self-knowledge. But how to find yourself? There are several ways that I have personally experienced. First: the solo trip.

Go alone, even if it’s not the end of the world, is an excellent way to get to know yourself. This option of travel allows you to find freedom.

To gain confidence, independence, and autonomy, to get out of your comfort zone, to gain confidence, to know your strengths and weaknesses, to better understand your reactions, to better manage stress.

In hindsight, you’ll learn more about yourself after a solo excursion. Because you finally get to know yourself when you’re by yourself.

There are plenty of other exercises you can apply on this path to know yourself. It’s not just the solo trip that allows us to know ourselves better. Do things alone every day you normally do with someone else. Simple activities. Try going for shopping alone, having a coffee alone, going for a run alone. Try this hike you have never attempted before or book a solo city trip in Europe!

Just do little things on your own. It’s through doing little things that you learn about yourself. In addition to becoming more independent, you gain self-confidence and confidence in your abilities.


By writing I have come to know myself better. Writing means asking and answering questions, talking and listening simultaneously.

It’s a powerful thing that has helped me vent my emotions and get to know myself better over time.

By the way, I wrote an article about journaling that you can check out if you’re interested!

The importance to know who you are

How important is it then, to know yourself? Well, since you can’t drive a car without an engine, you can’t love another without loving yourself, and loving yourself without knowing who you are.

You cannot find fulfillment if you do not love yourself for who you are. And you can’t truly love yourself without knowing yourself.

Know your strengths and weaknesses, your qualities and defaults, and assume them.

Know your personality, your character, your ambitions, motivations, dreams and aspirations. It’s knowing who you are and what you like in life and what you don’t like.

Knowing your strengths and values allows you to find your way in fulfilling your dreams and building your projects. Knowing yourself also allows you to succeed!


  1. Je pense aussi que c’est très important de bien se connaitre, de s’aimer et d’être heureux de qui l’on est 🙂 Et les voyages m’aident aussi énormément pour tout ça !! 🌎

  2. camilledrvn says:

    Je suis contente que les voyages t’aient aussi apporté tout cela. C’est tellement important de savoir qui l’on est 🙂 !!

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